Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 653130600 Bachelor of Science Program in Multimedia Technology and Animation

Level : Bachelor's Degree

School : Information Technology

Field of Study : Multimedia Technology and Animation

Programme Reference Year : 2022

Programme Philosophy : The main aim of this program is to produce graduates who are effectively well-rounded in Multimedia Technology and Animation including creating modern media, online content creation, video, film and 2D and 3D animation. This course employs the Cognitive Theory to allow students to develop their intellectual process and systematic thinking. Moreover, the course follows the Design Thinking process that encourages systematic thinking. This will enable graduates to comprehend the requirements and the problems of research-based design in accordance with the consumer’s and the industry’s needs in the Digital Disruption era. This is carried out by focusing on hands-on experience (Practicalism Theory) and producing creative skills. Finally, students will be able to integrate the knowledge of creating media that respond to changing conditions.

Programme Objectives :
  1. To create ethical consciousness, professional ethics and social responsibility.
  2. To understand the basic knowledge of multimedia technology and animation.
  3. มีความสามารถด้านเทคโนโลยีมัลติมีเดีย และการสร้างภาพเคลื่อนไหว ทั้งภาคทฤษฎีและภาคปฏิบัติ ในการออกแบบสื่อออนไลน์ และสร้างสรรค์สื่อดิจิตอลเสมือนจริงประเภทต่างๆ
  4. To be able to apply knowledge or techniques using various tools and equipment’s to keep up to date with the industrial sector.

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