Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 657110011 Doctor of Philosophy Program in Biological Science (Plan 1.1)

Level : Doctoral Degree

School : Science

Field of Study : Biological Science

Programme Reference Year : 2022

Programme Philosophy : In-depth knowledge of biological sciences is an essential foundation for national development. Emphasis is placed on creating a body of knowledge from biological resources that leads to value creation and application to promote the economy. This aligns with Thailand's economic and social policies. The curriculum is based on cognitive constructivism. Learners construct knowledge actively by incorporating experiences, things they see in the environment or new knowledge and link it to existing knowledge. Students build their own understanding or cognitive structure (Cognitive structure) and lead to the creation of knowledge. Students solve biological science problems through the support of an instructor and through social interaction (Social Constructivism) together to develop learners to have skills, abilities and potential in research, development and creation of new knowledge or innovation in biological science that promotes national development. The curriculum aims to produce personnel with knowledge and expertise in in-depth research in biological sciences. producing quality research that meets internationally accepted standards, as well as being able to link and manage knowledge integrated for sustainability.

Programme Objectives :
  1. Graduates will acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in research, will be able to produce internationally recognized research works and will become successful research leaders in academia or industry
  2. Graduates will apply the acquired knowledge, which will be used to conduct further research and / or create innovations in biological science according to international standards

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