Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 653180400 Bachelor of Public Health Program

Level : Bachelor's Degree

School : Health Science

Field of Study : Public Health

Programme Reference Year : 2022

Programme Philosophy : Pragmatism' is used as a teaching philosophy for this program which focuses on practical training from real situations and internships as well as encourages graduates to obtain the learning skills in the 21st century. Core competences according to co

Programme Objectives :
  1. To produce public health graduates with learning skills in 21st century, moral, and ethics, the graduates who are a leader for change and improvement of health literacy as well as emphasis the community and international public health professional standards under the aging society at individual, family and community level. Moreover, the graduates will obtain skills such as diagnosis, management, and solving holistic health problems. They will be able to adapt the theories into creating the research and innovation, apply appropriate ways of communication both in professional and academic, work well with multidisciplinary and related personels under the global health context, as well as comprehend the entreprenuership framework.

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