Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 653120100 Bachelor of Accounting Program

Level : Bachelor's Degree

School : Management

Field of Study : Accounting

Programme Reference Year : 2022

Programme Philosophy : The philosophy of MFU's Accounting Program is to produce graduates who possess a range of competencies, including an understanding of ethical principles, a positive mindset towards the accounting profession, and proficiency in financial reporting standards. Additionally, they will be equipped with analytical skills in accounting, be able to effectively apply information technology in accounting, and possess fluency in English to pursue a career as a lifelong learning accountant.

Programme Objectives :
  1. To produce graduates who possess a strong foundation of knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of accounting subject matter. This knowledge base will align with the International Education Standards regulated by the Thailand Federation of Accounting Professions (TFAC).
  2. To enhance the potential of accounting graduates by providing them with knowledge and comprehension of information technology systems used in accounting. Furthermore, the programme aims to equip them with skills in data management and data analytics.
  3. To foster and instil ethical values and professional attitudes in accounting graduates through a combination of learning processes and extracurricular activities.
  4. To develop the potential of accounting graduates to become proficient in professional accounting practices by providing them with internships and co-operative education opportunities.
  5. To cultivate the potential of accounting graduates to utilize English language skills effectively in both their daily lives and professional duties. This will be achieved through English-language-based teaching and learning methods.
  6. To encourage lifelong learning skills among accounting graduates, empowering them to continually seek and refine their knowledge within the accounting profession.

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