Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 651220201 Certificate Program in Dental Assistant

Level : Certificate

School : Dentistry

Field of Study : Dental Assistant

Programme Reference Year : 2022

Programme Philosophy : This program aims at producing dental assistant who is competent in performing a variety of technical, inter-personal and office management-related tasks. The graduates will become a dental team who provides dental services to people with a concept of humanized oral health care.

Programme Objectives :
  1. Perceive fundamental knowledge of characteristic and oral and maxillofacial biology
  2. Prepare appropriate materials and armamentarium for clinical usage
  3. Assist dentists/operators effectively
  4. Provide care and maintenance of dental units and commonly used dental materials
  5. Provide standard oral health care and oral hygiene instruction for elderly and other people as well
  6. Communicate with patients and others efficiently
  7. Perceive ethnic behavior, moral value and good interpersonal skills

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