Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 647111112 Doctor of Philosophy Program in Computational and Data Science (Plan 1.2)

Level : Doctoral Degree

School : Science

Field of Study : Computational and Data Science

Programme Reference Year : 2021

Programme Philosophy : Computational and data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses computational knowledge such as mathematics, statistics, and computers to analyze data from various fields of science that will lead to forecasting, pattern recognition and method for decision-making in areas to be applied, such as agriculture, business, natural resources and the environment, etc. The Computational and Data Science program focuses on producing personnel with advanced knowledge and research skills to develop cognitive processes and integrate Big Data from various sciences to create a model or pattern to create a new body of knowledge and understanding. This will lead to finding solutions to problems, decision making, innovation and the most effective management.

Programme Objectives :
  1. Aim to produce knowledgeable Ph.D. Research competence in computational and data science with the following characteristics:

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