Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 645170201 Master of Science Program in Cosmetic Science Plan A 1

Level : Master's Degree

School : Cosmetic Science

Field of Study : Cosmetic Science

Programme Reference Year : 2021

Programme Philosophy : Master of Science Program in Cosmetic Science uses cognitive constructivism theory which is based on knowledge creation by learners to be a principal theory for design and development of the program. Learning and knowledge creation are believed to be processes occurring within the learner. Students create their own knowledge by conveying their experiences, perception and observation obtained to connect with existing basic knowledge and understanding to create their new knowledge. Problem-based learning or project-based learning is more important than just knowledge transfer in old teaching version. The project is assigned to students and the students have to find solution by themselves through supporting and consulting by instructor. The students also learn to interact with others to accomplish the project. Therefore, the cognitive constructivism theory and problem-based learning are used in this program to produce master graduate who is expert in cosmetic science skill covering research and development, production, quality control and quality assurance, marketing, regulation and innovation creation. Moreover, the master graduate can integrate the cosmetic science knowledge to other field and apply their knowledge to industrial works.

Programme Objectives :
  1. To develop graduates who can integrate knowledge and apply technology in research and development cosmetic products and the related fields
  2. To develop graduates who can manage knowledge in cosmetic sciences knowledge for business
  3. To develop graduates who have ethical behavior for work and research
  4. To develop graduates who have professional performances in multicultural society

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