Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 625180401 Master of Public Health Program in Border Health Management Plan A1

Level : Master's Degree

School : Health Science

Field of Study : Border Health Management

Programme Reference Year : 2019

Programme Philosophy : Constructivism is used as a teaching philosophy in this programme. This programme enables master students to be able to integrate health sciences and related sciences, lifelong learning skills, analytical, critical thinking, and research methods, all in the context of a moral and ethical public health foundation. They will initiate innovative research projects that systematically solve pressing problems and further develop the field of public health. Graduates will be trained in teamwork and leadership. As public health leaders, they will improve the quality of life for the entire population of Thailand. The ability to lead in a multidisciplinary, multicultural team is a critical skill for graduates to become change agents at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

Programme Objectives :
  1. To produce graduates that are academician and have ability to be a leader of change. With knowledge and skills provided by the programme, the graduates will be able to mange health system according to the standards, work as a team with multidisciplinary both at a national and international level, act in moral, adhere to professional ethics, conduct the public health research and innovation as well as use the empirical evidence to solve and improve the field of public health for the entire populations including ethnic groups, migrant workers, refugees, vulneribilities, border and marginal populations.

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