Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 605230102 Master of Arts Program in International Development (Plan A2)

Level : Master's Degree

School : Social Innovation

Field of Study : International Development

Programme Reference Year : 2017

Programme Philosophy : This programme was designed to respond to society’s needs for graduates with profound knowledge and skills in various dimensions of international development, ranging from planning, resources management, development of international collaboration projects for economic and social improvement, to the understanding of the attitudes, integrity and ethics to be upheld by developers working in developing countries. The graduates of this programme are expected to be able to analyze problems related to international relations, the world’s mainstream development trends, state policies, and socio-economic environments of different regions and countries, in order to propose appropriate policy-wise alternatives and decision-making processes.

Programme Objectives :
  1. To produce the graduates who have academic knowledge and practical skills related to different dimensions in international development, as well as positive attitudes towards being regional citizens; and
  2. To produce researchers who have good ethical principles and can make research products that are beneficial to the societies.

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