Division of Registrar
 1.Dear students who enroll 1006001 Intensive English (special) ()
 2. Announcement for new students, Academic year 2016
 3.For Thai Student Only ()
 4.Announcement about the Procession of Request for Documents ()
 5.The Academic Calendar 2015 ()
 6.For Thai Student Only

 1.รายชื่อนักศึกษาใหม่ที่ครบระยะเวลาขอผ่อนผันการชำระค่าธรรมเนียมการศึกษา 1/2559 ()
 2.Notification of Pre-Registration 1/2016 ()
 3.ANNOUNCEMENT Printing method invoice to pay fee.Click to view details.

 1.The obtain Academic Documents of the Graduates
 2.Students eligible to attend the commencement ceremony in academic year 2016

 Examination and Grade
 1.List of Course Sent After Announcement 8 June 2016 ()
 2.For student wishing to request a review of your final grade. (HIGH PRIORITY)
 3.How to calculate the GPA and GPAX. (PRIORITY)
 4.Preparing for Examination

 Exit Examination
 1.The Schedule of Exit Examination, Academic Year 2016.

Description of Exit Examination

 Division of Finance and Accounting
 1.For Thai Student Only ()
 2.For Thai Student Only ()
 3.For New Graduated International Students in academic year 2013. ()

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