Division of Registrar
 1.Announcement of schedule for the Change of Program
Second Semester, Academic Year 2018.
 2.New students (61x xxxx xxx) who attached incorrected registration documents ()
 3.Online System Graduation Request Guidelines ()
 4.System for Requesting Academic Documents Online ()
 5.The Academic Calendar

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 2.For Thai Student Only ()
 4.What will happen if you don't check the registration resesult
 5.Procedure of print out Tuition Fees Invoice

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 2. Process in Graduation Approval : Last time ()
 3.Name List Graduation Approval Academic Year 2017 ()
 4. ()

 Examination and Grade
 1.Mae FahLuang University Announcement The First Semester Midterm Examination 2018
 2.Preparing for Examination (PRIORITY)
 3.For student wishing to request a review of your final grade.
 4.How to calculate the GPA and GPAX.

 Exit Examination
 1.The Schedule of Exit Examination, Academic Year 2018.
 2.English Profiency test (CEFR,TOEFL,IELTS) score replace the Exit Exam
 3.HSK score replace for the Exit-Examination

Description of Exit Examination

 1.Division of Registrar : phone number

 Division of Finance and Accounting
 1. ()
 2.For Thai Student Only ()
 3.For Thai Student Only ()
 4.For New Graduated International Students in academic year 2013. ()

    contact staff : REG@MFU.AC.TH