Division of Registrar
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 3.ANNOUNCEMENT 5th Exit Exam score for Current Global Affairs Subject ()
 4.The obtain Academic Documents of the Graduates (May) ()
 5.For Thai Student ()
 6.Regular registration and Fee payment dates for Summer Session 2014. ()
 7.Name list of students who not submit the Request Form for Graduate ()
 8.Requesting for Academic Documents (Complete Version) ()
 9.Announcement for the students who would like to request for Course Description ()
 10.Announcement for the students who lost password ()
 11.For student wishing to request a review of your final grade. ()
 12.List of grades result are not Submitted. ()

Description of Exit Examination 2014 ()

 14. The Schedule of Exit Examination, Academic Year 2014. ()
 15.The Academic Calendar 2014
 16.Academic Calender 2014 - 2015 Bachelor Degree
 17.Academic Calender 2014 Bachelor Degree
 18. ANNOUNCEMENT Printing method invoice to pay fee.Click to view details.
 19.How to calculate the GPA and GPAX.

 Division of Finance and Accounting
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 3.For New Graduated International Students in academic year 2013. ()

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