Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 653250100 Bachelor of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine Program

Level : Bachelor's Degree

School : Integrative Medicine

Field of Study : Applied Thai Traditional Medicine

Programme Reference Year : 2022

Programme Philosophy : The Applied Thai Traditional Medicine Program focuses on the conservation the Thai Traditional medicine knowledge, which is ensuring the sustainability of the Thai national wisdom, and also develop new knowledge in this field to catch with the modernization of all alternative medicine. Graduates will be taught and trained with sufficient skills as an Applied Thai Traditional Medicine practitioner which has the ability of self-development and can help improve the Traditional Medicine profession. By using scientific and medical science knowledge as a base for Thai Traditional Medicine research and development, which is recognized on a national and / or international level.

Programme Objectives :
  1. Express the moral, ethics, positive attitude towards society and be good global citizens as well as understand humans as an individual and in communities
  2. Apply knowledge of science, language, information technology, communication and numerical communication in practical operations
  3. Apply the fundamentals of medical science and Applied Thai Traditional Medicine profession in practical operations
  4. Having Applied Thai Traditional Medicine practitioner skills as well as being an entrepreneur in Applied Thai Traditional Medicine profession
  5. Having operational skills on a clinical level; integrating Thai Traditional Medicine theory with other fields in practical operations
  6. Having analytical thinking, problem-solving and lifelong learning skills; developing new Thai Traditional Medicine knowledge with research study model
  7. Having leadership skills and can efficiently work in a multidisciplinary setting
  8. Having efficient work in a multicultural community

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