Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 653100600 Bachelor of Arts Program in English

Level : Bachelor's Degree

School : Liberal Arts

Field of Study : English

Programme Reference Year : 2022

Programme Philosophy : To create graduates who possess: (1) English-language proficiency and skills, both in using the language and in applying their knowledge of English linguistics and literature; (2) an understanding of multicultural societies and the ability to apply English for academic, business, and social development purposes; (3) information technology literacy and skills, and the ability to put theories into practice; (4) skills in solving problems efficiently; (5) and abidance by professional ethics, to build a strong citizenry driving the country towards sustainable and international development.

Programme Objectives :
  1. Serve with integrity, ethics, and service-mindedness, to foster a sense of civil commitment, alleviate societal conflicts, and promote efficient collaboration;
  2. Use their knowledge, abilities, and skills to serve in international and national organisations; and
  3. Produce language-related innovations, for both individual and societal added-value.

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