Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 625140701 Master of Science Program in Postharvest Technology and Innovation Plan A 1

Level : Master's Degree

School : Agro-Industry

Field of Study : Postharvest Technology and Innovation

Programme Reference Year : 2019

Programme Philosophy : Master of Science Program in Postharvest Technology and Innovation - To develop human resources as graduates who can integrate their knowledge in postharvest technology and innovation for reducing postharvest losses, upgrading the quality and safety, adding the value of agricultural products. This will lead to sustainable agricultural development, increase food security, and have the potential for national and international competitiveness.

Programme Objectives :
  1. This program aims to educate the graduate to have knowledge, expertise, research potency, and potential in postharvest technology application and innovation creation to meet the requirements of the private and public institutions and organizations in agro-industry for driving economy and development of the country for international competitiveness in agri-business. Postharvest Technology and Innovation program aims to transfer the knowledge and innovation to all students who may use that knowledge for improving income and nutrition status of households, food security, and qualities of agricultural products in the supply chain. The application of postharvest technology and innovation on horticultural crops is an important effort for improving food and nutrition security and raised income in many countries.

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