Programme Structure

Programme of Study : 581190701 Certificate Program for Practical Nursing

Level : Certificate

School : Nursing

Field of Study : Practical Nursing

Programme Reference Year : 2015

Programme Philosophy : Believing that good health is an integral element of good quality of life, the School of Nursing, Mae Fah Luang University, focuses on promoting health improvement practices, disease prevention, and proper treatment and rehabilitation. In this process, nurses provide simple to complex healthcare services, with practical nurses assisting them in uncomplicated tasks. To ensure healthcare efficiency and to fulfill the mission of improving people’s quality of life, it is essential that practical nurses possess the knowledge and ability to treat patients with uncomplicated illnesses or injuries in healthcare service centres of all levels, in their homes and in their communities, within their scope of responsibilities and under the supervision of registered nurses or obstetricians. Moreover, practical nurses are expected to possess a healthcare service mind, accountability, integrity, adherence to moral principles and the ability to work properly and happily in their capacity and together with other healthcare personnel.

Programme Objectives :
  1. Ability to respond to people’s basic needs in their daily routines, to prevent complications and other threats, and to promote rehabilitation, under the supervision of registered nurses or obstetricians;
  2. Ability to give emergency first aid, under the supervision of registered nurses or obstetricians;
  3. Knowledge and ability to help and treat patients with uncomplicated illnesses, whether in their workplaces, homes or communities;
  4. Knowledge and ability to help and take care of elderly members of a community;
  5. Skills in preparing a proper environment and medical equipment for simple medical treatment;
  6. Strong interpersonal skills needed for working with registered nurses, obstetricians, healthcare teams and related organisations;
  7. Positive attitudes towards caring for other people; and
  8. Abidance by ethics and integrity.

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